Where to buy local honey, artisan infused honey, real maple syrup, bee pollen, and other related honey products. 

Where To Buy Local Honey

Sticky Situations located in Olde Mistick Village in Mystic, CT is the premiere destination for those fans of where to buy local honey products, experience artisan infused honey, sample real maple syrup, and learn more about the various 300 species of plants, flowers, and vegetation that honey bees feast on throughout the United States. 

At Sticky Situations, we provide a complete tasting room experience, as all of our local honey, infused honey, real maple syrup, infused syrups, bee pollen, and honeycomb is available for sample.  We believe that it is critical for you to try a wide variety of honey before deciding on your personal favorite. 

Whether your love of honey is directly related to your love of tea; maybe you're trying to use local honey for allergies; or you simply love to use honey in making glazes for your morning muffins, grilled salmon, or oven roasted pork tenderloin...whatever the reason, we share your love and we have you covered.  Buzz on down and check us out, we'll see you soon!